Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello blogger. This is my first real attempt at a blog.
I thought to my self, what is a topic that everyone enjoys, that I love.
This took some time for me to think of, but I decided, why not do music?
Everyone loves music, and I am sure people like the same type of music that I do,
Why not talk about it?
So, here it goes.
Everything I say is my opinion, and nothing more.
The best bands to ever grace this world are as followed : The Beatles, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin's, and Tool.
Though I feel the Bealtes are "the greats band ever" (due to their lasting impact on music, and their wide variety of different music), Radiohead is my best band.
Radiohead, at this moment in my life, has influenced my taste in music greatly.
This has just been a small introduction into my love for music, I am always open to new music options, and if you feel like you know a band that would be in my interest, definitely let me know in the comments.
Thanks for your time,