Sunday, April 3, 2011

My review: In Rainbows.

In Rainbows was Radiohead's 7th studio album, and one of their best.
There isn't much to be said about this album, other than it is the closest something has ever been to perfect (That, and OK Computer)
It really is a masterpiece.

15 Step: The opening song on the album, opens with clapping and a drum machine, followed by Thom chiming in the lyrics "How come I end up where I started, How come I end up where I went wrong. Won't take my eyes of the ball again. You reel me out, then you cut the string" This is followed by Johnny's soft guitar rift that melts your heart. All the while Phil holds a steady beat. This really is a song you feel like you can get down to. Towards the end of the song, Ed adds his electronic sounds to the song. Changing the sound of the song, while still keeping it familiar. This song is a prime example of Radiohead's genius, and is one of their best.

Bodysnatchers: A song about being in a coma, or at least that is what I get out of it. The second song on the albums opens with Thom's guitar playing, a very fuzzy sounding guitar at that. This song is definitely one of the more rocky songs on the album, and does it amazingly. More electronic sounds are heard through out the song. at around the @;05 mark, the song takes a step in a different direction, with slower guitar notes, while Phil continues the beat he has held through out the song. Another strong song on In Rainbows.

Nude: A masterpiece. That is the only way I can describe it. Every time I hear this song, I was to break into tears. Thom's beautiful signing at it's best. It's about, how no matter how big your idea's are, in reality, they probably wont happen. It's a song of realization that you are much more insignificant that you think you are, and as depressing as this concept is, Thom conveys it in suck a beautiful way, it's hard not weep. Thom's signing is matched by a simple, slow, drum and bass beat. The song's last actually lyrics are "You'll go to hell for what your dirty mind is thinking" and the first time you hear it, you will be amazed. This part is followed by Thom just signing, no words, just pure sound, and a sound of beauty. I fucking love this song.

Weird Fishes/Arpeggi: A change of pace from Nude, but another beautiful song. It begins with Johnny and Ed playing the same notes at the same time, with a little delay, making a beautiful sound. This song is very mesmerizing. It's one of those songs you just shut up, and listen to. My favorite part is when the backup vocals kick in (Thank you Ed for that) The drums change beat, and Thom add's his guitar to the mashup of Johnny and Ed, making for a beautiful mess. The song changes into a different sound after a break down of Weird Fishes. It almost sounds like another song, which makes me believe the song is a two part. With Arpeggi being the title of the second part. "I hit the bottom and escape" is one of the lines from this part. It's hard to put into words how I feel about this song, other that amazing.

All I Need: A slower song. A lot of fuzz sound in this song, mixed with some electronically created sounds (A running theme with this album) I feel this song is one of the weaker songs on this album, although, this is still a great song, just compared to all the others, i'd say it is the weakest. In my opinion, the best part of the song is the end, when Thom begins playing the piano, and it turns into to a very heavy piano ordinated song. "It's alright" Thom practically shouts during this part, plays wonderfully with the piano and xylophone.

Faust Arp: Something completely different that anything on this album. It is a two person song, Johnny and Thom. Two guitars, and once voice. There is some strings added in, but the core of the song is those two. I see this song as a dividing point in the album, between the great part, and the best part, of the album. This song is another beauty, and makes your heart melt every time you listen to it.

Reckoner: When I first listen to this album, I found this song to be my least favorite. After a few listens this song has become my 2nd favorite. It's just beautiful. Another song in which Thom flaunts his beautiful voice. The golden ratio of the album (61.8% percent through the album) falls during this song. It just so happens to be the exact point in which strings kick in, and the line "In Rainbows" is said. Genius. Ed's backup vocals once again make me sit in awe at it's beauty. Like ripples on a blank shore. Another master piece by Radiohead.

House of Cards: Another beauty. It opens with the lines "I don't want to be your friend. I just want to be your lover" and one of the reasons why this song is held so high in my head, is cause I can relate to everything Thom says in this song. Friend zone sucks, yo. "Throw your keys in the bowl, Kiss your husbands goodbye" I love that line, cause there is no beating around the bush with that one. He's talking about sex party's. I love this song <3

Jigsaw Falling into Place: The best song on the album. Plain and simple. It doesn't follow the typical trend set by the other songs. It isn't a beautiful song, it is a bad ass song. It builds and builds and you can feel it. The guitar through the song is just awesome. The drums played by Phil are perfect. Thom and Ed's voices harmonizing at the beginning is powerful. The first verse is very acoustic and drum led. After the line "Before you comatose" the song goes into a bad ass bridge. Thom begins to sing louder. The guitars begin to change. Soon everything comes together with the first time he says "Come on and let it out" Another bridge follows that part, with the song title being the next lines. This is another bad ass part. This song is damn near perfect in every sense, and I'd put it as one of Radiohead's top 5 songs.

Videotape: Another huge change of pace. This song is a very simple piano song. This is the song I listen to the least, as to how depressing it is. It makes me actually want to cry, and mot in the way Nude does. It's a song about accepting death. "Mephistopheles is just beneath us, and reaching up to grab me." "This is the way, I say goodbye, cause I can't do it, face to face,... No matter what, happens next, you shouldn't be afraid, because today has been the most perfect day I have ever seen" :'(

This concludes the review. I am not so good at this, as I have never done this before, but this is just how I feel when I listen to the song, which i was doing as I was writing the reviews.
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Friday, April 1, 2011


Hello blogger. This is my first real attempt at a blog.
I thought to my self, what is a topic that everyone enjoys, that I love.
This took some time for me to think of, but I decided, why not do music?
Everyone loves music, and I am sure people like the same type of music that I do,
Why not talk about it?
So, here it goes.
Everything I say is my opinion, and nothing more.
The best bands to ever grace this world are as followed : The Beatles, Radiohead, Led Zeppelin's, and Tool.
Though I feel the Bealtes are "the greats band ever" (due to their lasting impact on music, and their wide variety of different music), Radiohead is my best band.
Radiohead, at this moment in my life, has influenced my taste in music greatly.
This has just been a small introduction into my love for music, I am always open to new music options, and if you feel like you know a band that would be in my interest, definitely let me know in the comments.
Thanks for your time,